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24"x 54"    Diptych     Oil on Canvas   (2002)                                                                                              $2485




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Ubuntu is an Nguni word describing an African philosophy of life and a guide for social conduct.  It looks at the universe as a composite whole, an organic entity.  It stresses group solidarity over individualism.  Individual rights, needs, entitlements and demands are subordinated to the needs of the community.  Communal contentment is the absolute measure of values.

Ubuntu utilizes a conciliatory not adversarial dispute resolution process.  It focuses on understanding, not vengeance; it seeks reparations not retaliation, and strives for community healing not victimization.  It holds the community responsible for creating the context in which crimes and aberrations take place.

The new South African Constitution gives constitutional status to African customary law by giving Ubuntu legal significance.


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