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24"x 54"    Diptych     Oil on Canvas   (2002)                                                                        $2485



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Apartheid was a massive experiment in social engineering which embraced every aspect of life from birth to death.  It was a system of white minority domination over the black majority and other non-white minorities.  It institutionalized racism on a territorial, residential, political, social and economic basis.

“A world made up of teargas, bullets, whippings, detention and death on the streets. It is an experience of military operations and night raids, or roadblocks and body searches.  It is a world where parents and friends get carried away in the night to be interrogated; where people disappear, where parents are assassinated and homes are petrol bombed.”      


                                                                 Testimony by Frank Chikane to TRC, Final Report.

“The families of those whose fundamental human rights were invaded by torture and abuse are not the only victims who have endured untold suffering and injustice in consequence of the crass inhumanity of apartheid which so many have had to endure for so long. Generations of children born and yet to be born will suffer the consequences of
provery, of malnutrition, of homelessness, of illiteracy and disempowerment generated and sustained by the institutions of apartheid....   The country has neither the resources nor the skills to reverse fully these massive wrongs.  It will take many years of strong, commitment, sensitivity and labor to ‘reconstruct our society’ so as to fulfill the legitimate dreams of new generations....  The resources of the state have to be deployed imaginatively, wisely, efficiently and equitably, ... developing for the benefit of the entire nation the latent, human potential and resources of every person who has directly or indirectly been burdened with the heritage of shame and the pain of our racist past.”


                                                                                                     Judge Ismail Mahomed, 1996.

“Perhaps the greatest of the many crimes of apartheid has been the way
it has forced the finest people of our generation, the most courageous
and selfless, the most idealistic and romantic, the most intelligent and
capable to devote their energies and skills to the art of war.”

                                             “The Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter”Albie Sachs, 2000
                                                                (Mr. Sachs is a judge on South Africa’s Constitutional Court)


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