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A Just Society
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24"x 54"    Diptych     Oil on Canvas   (2002)                                                                                      $2485



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A Culture of Human Rights

When South Africa made the transition from apartheid to majority rule there was a shift to full participatory democracy.  The legacy of oppression and human rights violations had to be transformed into a society characterized by a culture of human rights.  The new government, under President Nelson Mandela, represented a precarious and fragile unity.  The new Constitution embraced respect for the rule of law that would apply equally to all South Africans.

The Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation Act, out of which the TRC process emerged, was to be the bridge to this new society based on a culture of human rights and justice.  The TRC process sought to facilitate acknowledgement of the past and accountability and responsibility for the conditions and crimes of apartheid and the struggle for liberation.

“Preserving the history of a peoples oppression is part of their heritage and the establishment of objective truth is part of the struggle for the control of history.”

     Colin Bundy, University of Cape Town, 1968


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