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These pieces move me so much.  The combination of the abstract and figurative, the crude marks of the artist' hand with the stick veneer of paint, the winding words - it so evokes the complexity of the subject, and finally the tragedy.  The confidence and beauty of these pieces are such a strong testament to the subject.


                                      Thank you for this work





There is a resemblance between the histories of South Africa and the American South.  Growing up in Georgia and I got the feeling that most people just wanted to live together in peace and mutual affection.


David M.





This is a fine show - powerful and thoughtful in concept; beautiful in palate and presentation.  I hope it finds other venues for it needs to be seen.  Thank you,


                 Donna Leavitt



This was stunningly beautiful.  I walked in off the street, it was wonderful.


J Mills


I'm over whelmed.  Your work proves again and again the power of art to move and communicate.  You do both in the most sophisticated and yet direct way.


The colors, the patterns and the interweaving lines and shapes connect and separate at the same time.  Each of your shows has been wonderful and each surpasses the one before.  You have created a special world.


                                                                        Hannah Voss


It made me cry for Africa, a very emotional experience for me.  Your images are evocative of so much I knew existed.  We must also remember there were people who knew, objected, tried hard to make changes.  It is truly remarkable that a kind of recommendation is taking place - a lesson for many people and countries.  Your painting s hit home to one who knew it as home - and they go deep inside the reality of it - the terrible suffering that took place.  We need reminders like you have given us - never to forget.  Your work shows such intellectual, emotional and artistic aspects.  Congratulations.  


Babette Kabak



This last part of your extraordinary project is powerful, thought-provoking, and compelling...The intensity, depth, and density - in mage and in word - reflects your own extraordinary and inspiring engagement with the complexity of relationships, emotions, and social institutions that the TRC process seeks to make sense of and heal.  It's an enormous achievement, and I hope a model for others to engage their creative spirit with the complex social truths so that we, as citizens, can benefit from the perspectives and insights of such engagement.  





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