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International Art Exhibit


MCP, Moscow, Russia

December 29 2009 - January 10, 2010



Madelaine is part of Gallerie Art et Miss's current exhibit in Moscow, featuring a selection of works from artists coming from all over the world and who were all successfully received at recent exhibits at their Paris gallery.

21artists are being displayed, including:


Maria Teresa BERTINA, BOILYNO, Josiane BOUREAUX, Sylvie BREYSSE, Anne CANNEEL, Edson CAMPOS,Vitaly DOVGASENKO,  ELINA,  Nathalie FROMENT, Madelaine GEORGETTE, Sylvie GESBERT de LINEA, Nikos GYFTAKIS, , Halina H.,  Véronique LATIL LEVY, Ulrikka MOKDAD, Raymonde PERRON, Léo PINI, PYA, Evelyne ROBBE LEBRUN, Françoise SCHIPER, Mireille VANHOVE DUBOIS.


Madelaine's Exhibit will include the following pieces



Ice Break (2007) Ice Melting (2008) Urban Aerial (2008) From Above (2008)



Recent Exhibitions/News:



Mixed Media Artworks 

by Madelaine Serena Georgette


From September 25 - October 9, 2009, Madelaine exhibited at Galerie Thuillier, 13 rue de Thorigny 75003, Paris, France. 



"My artwork reflects the world around me and issues of connectedness and relationship between individuals and groups and between people and their environment underlie all my work.  As an active and concerned environmentalist, I am currently working on a series depicting the impacts of Climate Change and Global Warming.   Because this issue is global it reflects every human being's connectedness to the earth and our interconnectedness to each other.  I chose initially to focus on impacts observed and experienced within the Arctic Circle in which I have traveled extensively.  I was profoundly affected by these experiences which reinforced my understanding of the fragility of the planet and it’s incredible beauty. Our every action connects us to each other and to the future or our planet and humanity.


My imagery is essentially an aerial view of the landscape viewed from various heights.  The artworks contain a multiplicity of different perspectives simultaneously in each piece. They map my body’s relationship to the terrain; I am not looking out at it, I’m grounded in it or floating above it.  I move in and out of the space, at once attached and grounded,  at once detached and unrelated.  These artworks thus become metaphors for a state of being not unlike our connection to climate change and global warming - intimately connected to our environment and impacted by it and responsible and eager to assist in reversing a potential planetary disaster and simultaneously detached from the vastness of the problem and our feelings of impotence to effect change."

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In July 2009, Madelaine left for a two week North Pole Expedition. Experiences and photos of the trip will be posted in the Global Warming Exhibit pages in the near future.


Madelaine had a showing at Galerie Art' et Miss, 14, rue Sainte Anastase - 75003, PARIS from April 11 -25, 2009.  The "Art of the Feminine - Twelve International Artists" gathered together a collection of works of women artists from all over the world.  Madelaine's collection featured her work exploring changing forests and desertification as part of her ongoing global warming exploratory theme.


Paintings on Display at Galerie Art' et Miss

Changing Forests 1 (2009) Desertification 1 (2009) Changing Forests 3 (2009)


 Changing Forests Collection at "Art of the Feminine"  Desertification Collection at "Art of the Feminine" Madelaine Georgette at her
Art of the Feminine

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Madelaine is exhibiting currently at an exhibition titled "Soujourns" at the Women Painters of Washington gallery at Columbia Center, Seattle from February 3 to April 25 2009.  For more information visit the WPW website.


  Paintings on Display at the Soujourns Exhibit


Ice Break 2007 Ice Melting 2008 Ice Cracking 2008



Madelaine exhibited at the Woman Painters of Washington exhibition Waters Alive!  Thirty regional artists displayed work that honored the exhibition's theme, which focused on healthy water and habitat.  The exhibition included pieces from Madelaine's current work-in-progress on Global Warming.  To view more details of the exhibition go to Waters Alive Art Show


From Above, a Mixed Media Artwork,
shown at Waters Alive!

Madelaine Georgette at her
Waters Alive!




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Prior Exhibitions:



Madelaine's exhibition of Arctic Images (Mixed Media Fiber Artworks) were displayed at ArtSpace Gallery WICE, Paris, France during April/May  2008.



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The University of New Hampshire gave a series of lectures on Democracy starting in the Fall and going into their 2007/2008 year.  They used images from Madelaine's "Going to Vote" series for their posters to advertise their lecture series.  This painting series was done to commemorate South Africa's first all-race election in April 1994 when Nelson Mandela was elected the first black president of South Africa. 
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The US Center for Disease Control has published training materials for patient and community education in South Africa.  The materials focus on HIV testing and counseling, and how to conduct TB/IV surveillance.  They are developing these materials for use in South Africa's North West province.  If South Africa's National Department of Health is interested in replicating the training in other provinces, the Center for Disease Control would reprint them for other provinces in South Africa.  The materials will include images from Madelaine's series on Life in South Africa.

*   *    *

The University of Washington's School of Social Work has reproduced several of Madelaine's South African paintings in a brochure announcing their Doctoral Candidates to all US universities.


Madelaine gave a talk and slide show in October 2007 at the WICE in Paris, France, on the subject of her Truth and Reconciliation project. The WICE is an Anglophone association providing cultural and educational programs and services for the international community in Paris.  The presentation was very well received.

*    *    *

Madelaine is currently working on a series of artworks to visually portray aspects of Climate Change, specifically global warming. She will concentrate on impacts observed and experienced within the Arctic Circle and in this way be able to narrow this vast and complex topic as well as deal with factual, measured changes and real life experiences. Madelaine went on a two week educational voyage to the Arctic in July 2006 in order to experience it first hand. (See Trip Itinerary)
 *    *     *
Madelaine is working in an entirely new way and approaching this project using new techniques and new materials. The imagery will consist of two-dimensional, abstract wall-hangings using raw, unstretched canvas thus freeing her from the restrictions of a rigid surface and a rectangular format. The work will be highly textured and 3-D in some parts and will use a variety of materials, some of which will be natural.  Images of new artworks for this series can be viewed at the Global Warming Exhibition on this website


Melodie in Clay, The DuPen Figure Academy and Alliance Francaise de Seattle February 5, 2006 at the Town Hall.  The multidisciplinary program included piano works and vocal music by French composers.  The members of the DuPen Figure Academy displayed sculptures in Bronze, clay and paper relating to the figure and human spirit.


Selected works from the TRC series were on display at the Mercer Island District Courthouse from October 2005 - August  2007. (Madelaine's work was selected as featured artist for the year.)


Women Painters of Washington's 75th Anniversary show at the Whatcom Museum of History and Art, Bellingham, WA from May 22 - September 11, 2005.


Gallery Bohner in Mannheim, Germany from March 4 - August 31, 2005.

Women Painters of Washington Group Show at Arts West Gallery, Seattle.
November 2003.


Exhibition at GrupoBatikArt Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, November 7-30th.


55th Frankfurt International Contemporary Art Fair, October 8-12.  Represented by GrupoBatik Art, Barcelona, Spain.


Malaga Spain September 10-14, 2003 (represented by BB International Art, Caslano, Switzerland) and Salzburg, Austria, October 22-26, 2003 (represented by Gallery Boehmer, Mannheim, Germany.) Madelaine's most recent exhibitions included new, colorful still life paintings. 


Portland, Oregon, April 3rd-26, 2003.  The exhibition included include paintings from all four phases of the project on South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation process.  A lecture was given after the opening reception on Thursday, April 3rd.  Read more:


Visit the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center's Website at



Exhibit Book


The Exhibit Book displays comments from Madelaine Georgette's 2004 exhibition at Seattle Pacific University.


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