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Thank you for your interest in purchasing artwork from Studio Georgette.


Our sales and shipping policy are explained in some detail below.  Please contact us at if you would like to enquire about the purchase and availability of a piece of art or have any further questions.


Shipping Policy


The buyer will be charged at cost for all shipping charges plus an  additional fee for all packaging and handling charges.

Small pieces will be shipped in a cardboard carton with layers of bubble wrap, Styrofoam and reinforced corners.  There is a flat $20 packaging/handling fee for all artwork that is shipped by this method, in addition to the cost of the Federal Express shipping charges. 


Larger pieces will be shipped in wooden crates that are custom build to order.  The shipping and handling fee for these items is $35 plus the cost of the crate and Federal Express shipping charges.

(Packing/Handling fees refer to the all the paperwork, coordination, packaging, and miscellaneous costs associated with the sale and, if required,  pick up of the wooden crate by the artist.)

Insurance for the sale price of the artwork is included in the shipping

Other Conditions of Sale:



Once the item is received by the buyer, the buyer has 3 business days to if he/she wishes to keep the painting.

If the buyer decides to return the piece, all shipping costs will be at the buyer's expense.

Items shipped from the artist's studio in Greece
* are NOT returnable.

Buyers checks will only be refunded after the artist has confirmed that the artwork is in the same condition as it was sent.  All returned items should be packed in the original packaging materials and returned by Federal Expense at the buyers expense.

Should the piece by some chance arrive damaged, the artist will
coordinate the insurance claim and make arrangements for the item to be returned to the artist.  A full refund will be made to the buyer.

The artist does not take credit cards.  Personal checks should be made out to Studio Georgette.  The mailing address will be given to the buyer when the transaction is in progress.

*Buyers should note that some of the paintings are located in Greece in the artist's Greek studio.  In these circumstances, shipping will be coordinated by the artist and delivery will take a little longer.  The handling fee for these items is $35.  Shipping charges will be the same as though the piece were shipped from the US, the additional expense of international shipping will be borne by the artist.  Items shipped from this location are NOT returnable.

Questions regarding this sales policy should be addressed to the artist.   Please go ahead and submit any questions here.




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