South Africa



The galleries reflect the diversity of my interests and are visual explorations in which vibrant color, pattern, shape and texture combine to represent themes of connectedness and relationship between individuals and groups, and between people and their environments. 


The Landscapes interpret nature both directly and indirectly and are about a sense of place without necessarily being of a particular site.  They include many scenes from Greece where the bright, intense light sharply etches the landscape in contrast to the soft, grey light of the Northwest which suffuses the elements.  My time is divided between the Northwest and Greece where the light and often the landscape itself are so reminiscent of my native South Africa. 


The Still Life/Interiors are painted both from still-life setups as well as imaginary interiors often set against a natural backdrop as seen through a window.  My dog, Misty, used to be a favorite subject often depicted in juxtaposition to a chair  - a space that is mine and that reflects an anchoring and centering.  Using a medley of patterns I play with color and explore color relationships and the transformations that occur with subtle color adjustments.  It is here that imagination abounds and finds a true freedom.


The Figurative paintings explore my deep interest in social and political issues and contexts - themes that underlie all my work.  Aspects of relationship, connectedness and communication are explored through the figure using vibrant color, pattern and shape as integral elements of each composition.  Pattern is used to portray, in a decorative way, the  complexity and varied patterns of our inner and outer lives.  Life in South Africa has been the dominant subject reflecting my upbringing and continued interest in the people of South Africa.

Growing up in South Africa, I was deeply influenced by the local culture, politics and geography.  Politics was discussed passionately at our dinner table and my daily life was filled with the sundrenched landsape of that beautiful land.  Color and pattern abounded in the decorative clothing of the indigenous people and was echoed in our household since my father had a textile import business.  My favorite memories were going to his warehouse and playing in the large crates of discarded fabric samples which I brough home in armfuls and turned into dolls clothes and decorations for my room.  All of this has fed my deep and abiding interest in South Africa which I explore and express with patterns, textures, vibrant colors and sensitivity to its complex history.



The Special Exhibitions section displays a series of images based on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) hearings in South Africa.  


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