18"x 24" Charcoal Drawing                         (1999)

Face to Face: Perpetrator V

"The burning of a body to ashes takes about seven hours, and whilst that happened we were drinking and even having a braai [barbecue] next to the fire. Now, I don't say that to show our braveness, I just tell it to the Commission to show our callousness and to what extremes we have gone in those days... the chunks of meat, and especially the buttocks and the upper part of the legs, had to be turned frequently during the night to make sure that everything burnt to ashes. And the next morning, after raking through the rubble to make sure that there were no pieces of meat or bone left at all, we departed and all went our own way."


Testimony by Captain Dirk Coetzee [AM 00631/96] in his application for amnesty in the killing of Geinisizwe Kondile.
TRC Final Report, Summary Extract I.