Details of Knitted Forms (unfinished)  



Arctic Impressions2
Arctic Impressions3
Urban Aerial
Changing Forests 1
Changing Forests 2
Changing Forests 3
Changing Forests 4
Changing Forests 5
Changing Forests 6
Desertification 1
Desertification 2
Desertification 3
Desertification 4
Puget Sound Aerial
From Above
Glacier Melt
Ice Cracking
Ice Melting
Seas Rising
Riches Revealed
Tundra Blooming
Arctic Crossing
Arctic Spring
Knitted Forms
Ice Break
Arctic Impressions1


  Knitted Forms (Unfinished) (2006)


Mixed Yarn/fibers/collage



There are  pictures in this gallery of details from Madelaine's knitted forms.  Please click on any thumbnail to see a larger view of each image.





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